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Still battling Hairfall/ Dandruff/ Frizz/ Dry Scalp/ Oiliness/ Dull Hair?

Exhausted of trying countless hair products/ treatments/ pills etc without any results?

That's because.....

Nothing is 100% Natural!

Yes, most products available in the market are not 100% natural. Read the ingredients & you’ll know.

That’s why they do not solve your hair problems – because of the presence of synthetic chemicals in them.

Introducing Zemé!

As pure as it gets

Hair products for men & women that are crafted with fresh, herbs and pure kitchen ingredients, using age old ayurvedic recipes moulded over time to suit the needs of modern lifestyles.

Make good hair days the norm 

Each Zemé product is customised for YOU, expertly created to tackle your hair problems. From extra frizz and dull hair to hair fall and split ends, our all-natural hair care products are created with time-tested real ingredients that actually work!

Zero chemicals, only the purest natural ingredients. We promise!

Hair products that use chemicals, additives or derivatives & extracts can end up damaging your hair even further, resulting in more hair fall, thinning hair, loss of shine, or dull & dry hair. At Zemé, we believe in the true power of nature! Our range of hair care products has been created using only pure and clean ingredients that are handpicked after extensive research.

What makes us unique?
Ingredients We Use

There’s nothing a pure home remedy can’t fix and that’s the thought with which Zemé was formed. We believe in the power of nature. The ingredients we use are fresh, pure, and all natural (no extracts, derivatives, or essences) — so your hair gets the maximum benefit!


Reduces Frizz, Promotes Hair Growth.

Used in our Hair Cleansers & Serums


Fights Dandruff, Increases Hair Strength

Used in our Hair Cleansers & Masks


Promotes Hair Growth, Fights Greying

Used in our Hair Cleansers


Cleanses, Conditions, Adds a Natural Shine

Used in our Hair Cleansers


Anti-greying, Adds Shine, Great for Hair Growth

Used in our Hair Cleansers

Try the Zemé Experience!

Tell us your hair needs & get custom-made products for your hair. See the magic of natural ingredients work for yourself.

Go ahead, give your hair the pampering it deserves!

Try the Zemé Experience

Tell us your hair needs & get custom-made products for your hair. See the magic of natural ingredients work for yourself.

Go ahead, give your hair the pampering it deserves!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose natural hair care products?

Natural hair care products are better in the long run for ensuring healthy scalp and hair. Natural ingredients can work wonders when it comes to fixing or reversing hair problems like dryness, hair fall, dull hair, dandruff, split ends, and frizziness. Hair care products made with natural ingredients are safer and better for your hair than products made using chemicals. Nature has equipped us with the tools we need to ensure our hair gets the best care; and at Zemé, that’s what we aim to provide our customers with!

2. Are natural hair care products safe to use?

Synthetic ingredients, chemicals, parabens, and artificial colours found in conventional hair care products can cause irritation and breakouts, and often have other side effects. On the other hand, products made with only real & natural ingredients (like Zemé) have absolutely no side effects and are gentle on the hair and scalp! Zemé's products are absolutely safe to use for men, women, and children.

3. How can I buy Zemé’s natural hair products?

You can make a purchase by going to the Shop section of the website. We also take orders on whatsapp on our number +918591430748. You can also choose to customize your Zemé products while placing the order, we offer free-of-cost customization  based on your unique hair concerns. We have different hair kits, subscription plans, and travel packs to make your hair care journey even smoother.

4. What should I look for while selecting a hair product?

When choosing hair care products there are certain things you should keep in mind. Make sure that your hair care products don’t have any artificial ingredients or chemicals because these will not fully treat your concerns. Choose products that are made with pure ingredients that will solve your specific concerns and show long lasting results. At Zemé, you can customise your hair care products to cater to the concerns you are facing and create a beneficial hair care routine for yourself.

5. Do natural products work for curly hair?

Yes! Caring for curls can be a challenge, and natural hair care products work better in the long run than products with chemicals. We have natural conditioners, hair serums and gels are the best hair care products for curly hair, as they nourish without harming the natural hair texture or form. Moreover, they help control frizz and give volume & definition to the curls, as good, if not better than any synthetic hair products! 

6. Are natural hair products safe to use during pregnancy?

The best and safest hair care products to use during pregnancy are those which don’t have any chemicals in them. Choose natural, always. Hair care products made with clean and pure ingredients don’t cause any harm while ensuring that your hair stays soft and smooth.

7. How are Zemé natural hair products made?

All our products are made in our kitchen using age-old, ayurvedic, time-tested recipes that have been passed down generations. 100% of the ingredients we use are natural traditional Indian herbs, known for the host of beneficial properties they provide.

8. Why do Zemé products need refrigeration?

Just like any fresh food, our range of hair care products need to be refrigerated too! Synthetic hair care products use chemicals (like silicones, parabens & their substiutes) & preservatives to enhance performance & extend their shelf lives. But our products use none of these ingredients. Made with only the freshest, purest, finest herbal ingredients, Zemé products are made to give your hair the best possible nourishment through natural means. This means that if you leave your Zemé products out, they’ll get spoilt and lose their freshness - exactly like fresh food!

With Zemé, our aim is to Untangle your hair problems, one pure hair care product at a time!

9. What ingredients are used to make Zemé hair products?

At Zemé, we bring to you a range of hair care products that are exclusively formulated with pure and clean ingredients. We use only whole ingredients in their natural form to get all the beneficial properties they have to offer - no extracts, no derivatives. All ingredients are handpicked after extensive research and all recipes have been passed down generations. 

Here's a summary of ingredients used in our products. For details, visit the our Ingredients & Product Range pages.

Hair CleanserGreen Tea, Curry Leaves, Neem, Methi, Shikakai, Amla
Post Oiling Hair CleanserReetha, Curry Leaves, Bhringraj, Onion Seeds, Amla, Green Tea 
ConditionerOats, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil
Hair GelFlaxseeds, Aloe Vera 
Leave In SerumRosemary, Rose Petals, Hibiscus 
Hair MaskFlaxseeds, Neem Leaves, Aloe Vera 
Hair OilCoconut Oil, Onion Seeds, Curry Leaves, Methi, Hibiscus Flower, Aloe Vera


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