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Our Products

Made from fresh herbs and kitchen ingredients, without any adulteration & preservatives Use and see the magic of purity! Don’t forget, they need to be refrigerated – yes just like fresh fruits and veggies!

Hair Cleanser

Made with goodness of shikakai, Amla and over 20 other herbs. A recipe your grandma would approve of.

Post-Oiling Hair

The post oiling cleanser, as the name suggests, is equipped to be wash out all the oil without stripping your scalp dry.


Hydrates hair, help restore cuticles and rebuilds protein layer naturally without coating them with silicone or other harmful chemicals.

Hair Gel

Our hair gel helps you hold that style together, minus the chemical.

Leave-In Serum

Our leave-in serum is made with the freshest of flowers and is your best arsenal to fight frizz and maintain shine.

Scalp Mask

We make all daily-use hair products – to ensure that you can move to a completely natural

Hair Oil

If you want the good old champi done the right way, use the oil made with the good old recipe.

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