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Hair Cleanser

Product info: This is purest natural shampoo that you’ll find! The Zemé Hair Cleanser is made from exactly those ingredients that nature meant for you to use to clean your hair & scalp. The cleanser is made with natural ingredients and herbs like reetha, shikakai, methi, hibiscus etc helps cleanse without producing any lather.

The ingredients are soaked & cooked to extract the benefits & then blended together to make the cleanser. Exactly how moms & grandmoms made it in earlier times.

Each Zemé Hair Cleanser is custom-made to suit the hair needs of every customer, using traditional Indian wisdom. Replacing your shampoo with this will give long lasting hair health & address all your hair problems.

What it does: Personalized cleanser made with ingredients depending on your hair type and goals. All our variants help clean the scalp, are antioxidant rich and helps you repair damages done by commercial shampoos.

Amount to use: Depends on hair length. Use amount as directed by the team.

How to use: Take directed amount and apply on wet hair. Massage the product on the scalp to ensure the product speads thoroughly on the scalp and strands.

Shelf Life: 30 days.

How to Store: Since products are made with only natural ingredients, the product needs to be refrigderator.

What’s in it?

Whole Reetha

Whole Shikakai

Fresh Curry Leaves

Green Tea Leaves

Fresh Neem Leaves

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