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Hair Oil

Product info: The Zemé Hair Oil is a pure, kitchen-made hair oil made with traditional wisdom, the way moms & grandmoms made in the earlier days.

We cook fresh ingredients like curry leaves (kadipatta) & hibiscus flower along with seeds like methi & kalonji in pure coconut oil to create this potent oil. It gets easily absorbed into the scalp & can be washed off with the Zemé No Lather Hair cleanser formulated for oiled hair.

What it does: Nourishes the follicles and helps with hair growth

Amount to use: One tea spoon per use.

How to use: Apply the oil on the scalp and massage it for for couple of minutes to allow absorption into the scalp.

Shelf Life: 365 days.

How to Store: Store in cool and dry place.

What’s in it?

Whole Methi Seeds

Coconut Oil

Fresh Hibiscus Leaves

Whole Kalonji

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