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Leave-In Serum

Product info: Ever heard of a serum made from flower petals? Yes, the Zemé Leave-In Serum is exactly that ! Made only from fresh flower petals & common kitchen ingredients like methi & rosemary – this serum blends together all ingredients that naturally help reduce frizz.

Each Zemé Leave-In Serum is custom-made to suit the hair styling needs of every customer.

What it does: Helps maintain moisture throughout the day, add shine and reduces frizz.

Amount to use: Depends on hair length. Use amount as directed by the team.

How to use: Take 2-3 pumps of serum, mix it with a few drops of water and apply on damp/towel dried hair. 

Applying the serum on dry hair does not allow the serum to get absorbed in the strands.

Shelf Life: 30 days.

How to Store: Since products are made with only natural ingredients, the product needs to be refrigderator.

What’s in it?

Fresh Rose Petals

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh Hibiscus Flower

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