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Defeat Dandruff Duo

(8 customer reviews)
1 X 50ml Scalp Mask
1 X 50ml Scalp Mask for Dandruff


Looking for a safe & natural solution for your nagging dandruff concerns? Try Zemé’s fresh, kitchen-made ayurvedic remedy for Dandruff.

8 reviews for Defeat Dandruff Duo

  1. Tanisha Jain

    Not a budget product, but definitely a quality product. Got almost instant relief with my scalp.

  2. Haritha Joswala

    clears the dandruff – well worth the money for its purpose, smell could be improved but I’m ok since they claim 100% natural and that they do not add any fragrance – and i dont want to put any chemical.

  3. Akshay Shetty

    It gives you instant cleanup of your head. Try and test. Took me 3 washes only to relieve me of itchiness and dandruff completely. Good work team.

  4. Sweta

    The products smells exactly like fresh herb and i love their transparency with the ingredients! its helping with my psoriasis too.

  5. Freya

    After using this product for 2 – 3 weeks, washing my hair with it thrice a week – I can say that my dandruff has reduced significantly. And i’m sure, in the long run its improving my hair. Definitely does what it claims – reduces dandruff and if you are thinking about moving to a chemical free lifestyle zemefresh is definitely the way to go!

  6. Aviyukta Sethia

    I have been facing stuborn dandruff from a long time. I have tried all the shampoos which was prescribed by dermatologists. Nothng worked. Just gave 30 to 40% results with heavy hairfall.. And even started getting skin problems incuding acne and skin discoloration.
    And finally i tried decided to give zemee a try. It was all magic. Just before the first use my hair and scalp was in a very bad condition.. Full of dandruff.. Flakyy flaky flaky..
    1st wash.. it cleared 90% percent of dandruff..
    And gradually it helped my scalp to be back to normal and clean.. And no more hairfall. Use scalp mask or even u cud oil before shampoo for managing frizzy hair.
    Once the dandruff was in control.. My acne and face discoloration started to fade away.
    I wud totally recommend this product to anyone looking for a dandruff control… 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  7. Ruchhi Gupta

    Just started using it. After use the hair feels great. Recommended

  8. Purvi Rathod

    Faced a lot of dandruff and frizz. was using wella before this but i could see my hair getting damaged over time – splitends, discoloration flaky skin. A friend recommended this brand and I was skeptical about using their products since their packaging did not look premium for the price they were charging, but their formulation is worth it. They claim they only use whole ingredients and that they do not use any chemical in their products. Got a free consultation with their hair expert and then recommended a hair regime and it gave me INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS! Definietely recommend!

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