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Fresh Ayurvedic Dry Hair Remedy

(25 customer reviews)
1 X 50ml Leave in Serum
1 X 100ml Hair Mask


What Does It Contain?

Two of our powerhouse products – that work to nourish  individual strands of your hair naturally – making sure your locks are smooth, soft and frizz-free all the time!

1. Zemé Hair Mask – 100ml. Made fresh in our kitchen daily

Ingredients: Flaxseeds, Curd, Apple Cider Vinegar & Olive Oil.

Shelf-life: 1 month.

2. Zemé Leave-In Serum – 50ml. Made fresh in our kitchen daily

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rose, Rosemary, Argan Oil and Methi.

Shelf-life: 1 month.

The Hair Mask and Leave-In Serum are the perfect tag team. The Mask acts like a conditioner for your tresses, helping them become softer and smoother. The Serum, made with a selection of healing flowers, helps your strands lock in moisture and shine throughout the day!

How To Use?

Hair Mask: Apply this hair mask to the lengths of your hair. Make sure you cover all of it. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with a cleanser.

Leave-in Serum: The serum is a leave-in serum that you can apply to your hair post-wash any time you want! Take a small amount in your palm, add 2-3 drops of water to it, and apply gently to your strands. Give it a gentle scrunch and you’re good to go!

Why Will This Work?

Dryness and Frizz are caused when your hair lacks moisture. This is also brought about by harsh chemicals in hair products and because of heat styling tools. But the fresh herbs and flowers we use to make Zemé’s anti-dryness/frizz products tackle the root cause of the problem and nourish and moisturise every single strand of your hair to provide a lasting and effective solution!

25 reviews for Fresh Ayurvedic Dry Hair Remedy

  1. Ayushi

    Loved your serum, great product 👍🏻

  2. Priyaj

    Amazing product feels like only true natural brands. Love the rose smell

  3. Sushma

    Aapka hair mask best hai. Baki products ko bhi fridge me rakhna padta hai

  4. Ruchika

    My frizz has reduced greatly. Shared a thankyou note for you guys as well on Whatsapp

  5. Tanu

    Loved how you guys replied and understood my concerns. Used 3-4 times till now liked it will come back

  6. Dhaitri

    Can you guys call me, I have some doubt

    • Manager

      You can whatsapp us at 8591430748 or and we will assist you immediately.

  7. Monika

    I saw your insta video and tried it last month and was skeptical like how can you make products without chemical but thankyou for making this safest mask and serum

  8. Shalu

    I liked the serum but i had to keep in fridge, and my fridge was not working for 1.5 week it got spoilt. so just 3 star

  9. Priyanka

    Nice. I am hooked

  10. Marie

    Rose serum is best for daily use

  11. Kriti

    Its good

  12. Sai


  13. Ahana

    I have never seen a product so pure, I talked to one of your hair expert and did a video consultation before trying. Please continue making fresh hair products. Lots of love – Ahana

  14. Neha

    It works on my coloured hair but can you make serum in Lavender fragrance

  15. Sonali


  16. Anonymous


  17. Sujata

    felt my hair become smooth after 2 wash

  18. Ritu

    Like that i am not using any chemical products on my hair

  19. A


  20. Avi

    my hair dryness didn’t reduce much by serum but mask is good

  21. Suchitra

    Amazingly well. You guys should promote more you can easily replace all those fake natural brand available

  22. Puja

    Hair serum didn’t reduce my dandruff

    • Manager

      Hi Puja, This is a Leave in Serum, It reduces dryness and frizz in your hair. For dandruff please do try our dandruff products they will definitely help you with your dandruff

  23. Sheetal

    Good product. Everyone should get a chance to try your mask

  24. Deepti J

    Wanted something for my daughter as she had lot of frizz. Frizz has definitely reduced and I felt comfortable using it on her since their products are 100% fresh and natural. Reminded me when I used to make it at home earlier.

  25. Gauri

    I have a very good experience with the trial products sent .. The frizz has reduced from the first wash itself

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