Complete Curl Care

Rs. 1,680.00 Rs. 2,100.00
Have curls? Move to our all-natural routine to get the healthiest curls - without any chemicals!
Chemical Free
kitchen made
Whole Fresh

Curly hair needs hydration & maintenance. But using too many products is heavy on the hair as well as the pocket. Try our chemical-free routine for curly hair & feel them transform to their healthiest best!

Products included:

  • Chemical-Free Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Growth Mask
  • Zero-Chemical Hair Serum
  • Chemical-Free Hair Gel

All the products need to be Refrigerated when not in use. 

Because they are freshly made, without any chemicals or preservatives. Yes, just like fresh food!

Shelf Life:

  • 30 days in the Fridge
  • 24-48 Hours outside the fridge

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