Dull hair is again a very common hair problem, and most often we don’t know what to do to solve it. Let us delve deeper into why the hair starts looking dull.

Each hair strand has a protective layer of cuticle that shields the hair from any potential damage from the external environment. A healthy cuticle locks in the moisture. However, if the cuticle layer peels away from the strand, it causes the moisture to escape and results in dull and dry hair.

Here’s what you might be doing unknowingly that is causing dull hair:

Washing your hair too ofte

Our hair & scalp are capable of keeping themselves naturally moisturised. When hair is washed too often, the natural oils are stripped off from the scalp & hair. This leads to an oil imbalance and makes the hair appear dull.

Excessively heat treating your hair by ironing or curling

Regular usage of heat styling tools leads to changes in the hair texture. The damage done by the high temperature makes the hair dull and lacking in natural lustre.

Not indulging in regular head massages or oiling

Using chemical products may lead to striping off the natural oils produced by the scalp. Regular massaging ensures that the oil balance in the hair & scalp is maintained which keeps the hair nourished. In addition to it, regular head massage helps in improving blood circulation that makes the hair stronger and healthier. Not indulging in oiling keeps the oil supply away from the scalp, making the hair dull and lifeless.

Using the wrong hair products

It is important to use products as per what your hair needs. Using the wrong product increases hair problems like dullness, and dandruff more than solving them.