Have you felt like Monica Geller with uncontrollable frizz wanting to shout out ‘It’s the HUMIDITY.’?!! If you have ever asked yourself why that happens, here are some reasons:


Frizz occurs when your hair lacks moisture and tries to seek it from the air around. Each strand of the hair has an external layer, called the cuticle, that protects the strand from any external damage. The cuticle layer should ideally lie flat, but it opens up when damaged or exposed to moisture. This is why humidity is often said to be the perfect recipe for frizziness.

Chemicals in hair products

Hair Frizz can also be caused by a host of other reasons. Most shampoos contain sulfates that strip the hair of natural oils and have been shown to contribute to frizziness. Products that contain alcohol can also dry out the hair making it frail and frizzy.

Lifestyle Habits

Some lifestyle habits like styling too often, using hot water for hair wash, and washing hair too frequently can also lead to dry and frizzy hair.