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The Story behind Zemé

Zemé is born out of a personal story. Story of a girl who, like many girls born in the 80s, was swayed by commercial hair products, and ended up damaging her hair by their excessive use as she grew older.

Despite trying all expensive products & treatments, the only thing that really helped her reverse the damage, were the age-old herbal concoctions that her mom had used on her hair as a young girl. She is now on a mission to make others see the “power of natural’ that she experienced first-hand.

Meet Prerna - the heart & soul of Zemé

In her past avatar, she has been a marketer, an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. 

If you meet her, she will most likely end up giving you some tip from her huge repertoire of home remedies, that she has picked up from her mom & her never-ending extensive research!

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