Curly Hair Bloggers We Cannot Stop Gushing About!

Haircare tips, styling and maintenance inspo, and advice on how to care for your hair best is always welcome. To stay on top of the latest hair trends, our team frequently browses the internet to find the best.  You can’t deny that curly hair is extremely tough to manage and maintain, and finding products that work for you is even tougher. But if done right, luscious, healthy curls can take your look to a whole new level! For those with struggling to tame their curls, Zemé recommends these  5 incredible curly hair bloggers on Instagram.
  1. @fuzzycurls_ by Megha and Vibha is a must follow page for curly haircare and styling. Learn how to brush and style your hair, which products to use, and tips to restore bald spots, counter split ends and more!
  2. Swarnim’s hair blog @curlem_up has an amazing variety of content.  From back-to-school hairstyles to curly bun tutorials. Learn brushless styling, ways to tone up your scalp routine, food for curly hair, and how to add volume to roots!
  3. If you follow @curl_cure you can find DIY hair recipes like pro-hair food made from honey and aloe vera that locks in moisture, shampoo made out of besan, yogurt, and curd, and a protein mask using apple cider vinegar, rice, and water. 
  4. Whether you’re a woman or a man with curls, Archana Murli will offer you the most excellent tips if you follow @curlsandbeautydiary. Find out all about the best ways to fix frizziness including deep conditioning and double plumping techniques, hydration shampoo, and other curly hair tips and tricks!
  5. @gonecurl by Anushka gives you tips on how to maintain curls for longer periods of time, how to refresh them quickly,  hair transformation journeys, and realistic solutions to real hair problems!
Curly hair can be frustrating if you don’t know the right ways to deal with it. But once you actually understand what your hair needs, curly hair can be super versatile. It offers endless styling options for everyone! If you religiously follow these curl-fluencers, managing what everyone has always called ‘unmanageable’ hair,  can actually be a breeze!

Most haircare problems can be solved by following a haircare regime that is free from synthetic chemicals.