Does Losing Weight Cause Hair Loss?

Can weight loss cause hair loss? Yes, it can in some cases. When we decide to lose weight, our body goes through a lot of changes. Such changes are amplified if we make drastic alterations in our routine and diet. Your body usually displays the effects, hair loss due to weight loss is one such side effect. Hair fall due to weight loss is a condition known as acute telogen effluvium. This condition lasts for 6 months and takes place after 3 months of its triggering incident. 

Why do We Experience Hair Loss Due to Weight Loss?

There are many factors that come into play when we consider hair loss due to weight loss, the major factor being inadequate diet. Your body requires sufficient food in order to perform smoothly. When you deprive yourself of necessary calories, vitamins and minerals your body starts to suffer from hair fall due to weight loss. Minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium along with vitamins A,B,C etc are important to maintain hair growth. If your dietary requirements are not met, it results in disruption in the hair cycle.  

The other factor for hair fall due to weight loss include extreme exercise. Now physical exercise isn’t inherently bad but when it is combined with an imbalanced diet, it can create problems. You can suffer from extreme fatigue and exhaustion. This at times induces increased levels of stress and further causes more weight loss and subsequent hair loss. Another factor for hair loss due to weight loss is hormonal imbalance. When there is nutritional inequality, the various glands in our body start to suffer. Hence they fluctuate in their levels of hormone secretion.

How to Stop Hair Loss due to Weight Loss?

The first step to stop hair fall due to weight loss is eating a well nutritioned balanced diet. Include lentils beans and sprouts if you are vegetarian while the non- vegetarians can opt for red meat and fish. Eat as many fruits and vegetables in order to increase your nutrients intake. Other ways to deal with hair loss due to weight loss is using a Natural Hair Oil. It provides the required nourishment to the hair scalp and strengthens the roots. It is important that you massage the oil on your scalp rather than just apply it. You can also resort to kitchen remedies like hair masks to stop the hair fall due to weight loss. Such as egg mask, coconut mask, beetroot mask etc. These masks help to strengthen the hair follicles and strands which rescue it from breakage.

The hair loss due to weight loss can be disheartening as you are trying to make positive changes in your life. So make sure you do not crash diet to lose weight rather do it much more naturally through a balanced diet and exercise. If you aren’t able to stop the hair fall due to weight loss within 6 months, please refer to a medical professional. Share this blog with your family & friends and watch out for more such information on Zeme. Let us help you reach the full potential of your natural hair. 

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