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Loved it

Loved it! Makes my hair very soft when I wash after oiling my hair. Never thought a natural hair wash could remove oil!

Jyoti Verma

I really like the products

I really liked all the products, especially the oil! Will continue using it going forward.


Talk to them

The experts are really helpful, liked talking to them

Preeti Gambhir

Love the oil

Liked the oil quiet well.


Helped me get back my natural texture back

I had lost that silky smooth hair after a chemical treatment but they helped me qwith it, their products works on chemically treated hair as well


Helped me embrace my hair

I hated my hair before, but now I love them, zeme made this possible, quite happy with them

Purvi Rathod

INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS! Definietely recommend!

Faced a lot of dandruff and frizz. was using wella before this but i could see my hair getting damaged over time - splitends, discoloration flaky skin. A friend recommended this brand and I was skeptical about using their products since their packaging did not look premium for the price they were charging, but their formulation is worth it. They claim they only use whole ingredients and that they do not use any chemical in their products. Got a free consultation with their hair expert and then recommended a hair regime and it gave me INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS! Definietely recommend!


I like the feel of the product on my hair

I like the feel of the product on my hair. The dandruff has gone down significantly in the last week. Happy with the purchase.

Tanvi Rai

loving using them

I have used the scalp mask for 2 weeks now and my dandruff has reduced, no itchiness at all, your products look fresh also, loving using them


Honest Consultation

I did not expect it to go this smooth, they were very honest, I have an allergy so they did not recommend their products which I liked about them

Nimisha Mirani

The hair feels different no doubt.

I used the products today. During the shampoo i lost a bit of hair. But during the conditioner treatment and blast dry (with serum) the hair fall is less than usual. ALL in all i'd say I lost a bit less hair as I do always. I used two generous squirts of the serum as I thought my hair would need it.The hair feels different no doubt


Especially love the gel and serum.

My curls are super difficult to untangle and I was initially skeptical if the products would work on my hair. But they are super amazing. Especially love the gel and serum.

Bhakti Sachala

I liked your products

I obviously tried your products I liked them yes they are affective and my hair fall has also reduced....I liked your products

Nita Lakhani

I liked the hairmask very much

I liked the hairmask very much. Its amazing could see visible results in 3-4 washes itself.

Niharika Singh

The hair feels different no doubt.

Had ordered the curly hair kit.... The products are good for my curls and i feel more confidant with my hairs. The gel gives a stronger hold than I like and the team mentioned they will send a milder one next time. Waiting to try it.


Helped me to change my diet

Okay, here is the honest feedback the expert assigned to me, listened to me, i have many hair issues plus health issues, hormonal issues, she understood everything quite well, then suggested me a regime and asked me to be patient, along with it also helped me improve my diet which also benefited, i am quite happy with my hair now, you should consider talking to them



They are good, helped me undertsand my issues well


Helped me solve issues even dermats couldn't

Zeme products actually solved my problems which even doctors could not, quite happy with them


Consider taking a consultation

It is a free consultation, you can atleast take that, i am very happy and satisfied after talking to them


Taking a 10 mins consultancy changed my hair

Happy, satisfied customer since a long time

Bhakti Sachala

I liked the products a lot

I liked the products a lot...They are affective and my hair fall has also reduced.

Sonali Garg

I will continue to purchase from zeme

Zeme , leave-in- serum. This is one of the best serum I found in market. It is very beneficial for our hair growth. I will continue to purchase from zeme


Specially loved their serum

My curls came out well and feels so hydrated. Specially loved their serum and conditioner.

Sayali Desai

Overall happy with the products.

Liked the shampoo and conditioner but the mask was ok. It made the hair bit oily but the team said that is expected because of the transition. Overall happy with the products.

Akshay Shetty

It gives you instant cleanup of your head

It gives you instant cleanup of your head. Try and test. Took me 3 washes only to relieve me of itchiness and dandruff completely. Good work team.

Haritha Joswala

clears the dandruff - well worth the money for its purpose

clears the dandruff - well worth the money for its purpose, smell could be improved but I'm ok since they claim 100% natural and that they do not add any fragrance - and i dont want to put any chemical.


Mask is good

my hair dryness didn't reduce much by serum but mask is good


If you are thinking about moving to a chemical free lifestyle zemefresh is definitely the way to go!

After using this product for 2 - 3 weeks, washing my hair with it thrice a week - I can say that my dandruff has reduced significantly. And i'm sure, in the long run its improving my hair. Definitely does what it claims - reduces dandruff and if you are thinking about moving to a chemical free lifestyle zemefresh is definitely the way to go!

Sujata Rajeshirke

Liking it

I like the scalp mask.


Gave me good lifestyle tips

It was good 15 mins chat that helped me


Told me which of my medicines are causing hairfall

They took a look at my medicines, my health issues, considered them and then gave me consltation which helped me reduce my hair fall


Helped with internal hair issues

They did not make my hair better but also helped with my scalp health and solved my internal scalp health also


Thankyou for making this safest mask and serum

I saw your insta video and tried it last month and was skeptical like how can you make products without chemical but thankyou for making this safest mask and serum


Like the serum

I liked the serum but i had to keep in fridge, and my fridge was not working for 1.5 week it got spoilt. so just 3 star


It has definitely worked on my hair

Amazing products! Dandruff has reduced a lot. I have been using the serum for 2 months now. And it has definitely worked wonders on my hair.

Siddhi Patil

Have been having a lot of good hair day lately

Have been having a lot of good hair day lately. All products are good but serum and gel are exceptional.


The serum had a rose smell

The serum had a rose smell. Would love to select fragrance.


It works on my coloured hair

It works on my coloured hair but can you make serum in Lavender fragrance


Serum is good

Rose serum is best for daily use

Anika Pinto

The cleanser is amazing

The cleanser is amazing!! I'm so surprised with how clean my scalp gets even after oiling it. The others were also good and gave my curls a good hold. The conditioner and serum left my hair less frizzier and i liked the serum smell.


My hairfall has reduced drastically

My hairfall has reduced drastically, but delivery time was 3 days... they should deliver atleast within mumbai in 1 day



Best hair oil


Gave an honest timeline to solve issues

She asked me to use the products for 3 to 4 months patiently and i did and it worked, yaaay....happy with them


Well trained Experts

I recommend it to everyone


Great chat

They were good and helpful



I did not understaund my hair well, but after talking to them felt like i know hair better


Loved the team

Solved all my hair issues, good going guys


Genuine brand

They genuinely want to solve the hair issues of their customers


Happy with them

I used it for a month and saw visible change in my hair, so asked my family also to at least take a consultation

Mitali Bhandari

My hair is much better than before

I have been using the products for a few weeks now and I feel so much better about my hair.. I have noticed a very major change in my dandruff issue and hoping that if I continue using the product I would keep getting the same result. My overall experience was amazing, the only issue being the smell. I feel a little fragrance could have been added but otherwise it was pretty nice.