Ayurvedic Detan Facial for All Skin Types - 60 minutes

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Looking for natural way to reduce that tan? Try this facial, designed by our in-house Ayurvedic Doctors, especially to work on tan. No chemicals, Safe & Effective. Available only for Women, in Mumbai
Chemical Free
Whole Fresh

If you are someone with Tanned Skin, then go for this Facial.

Designed by our in-house Ayurvedic doctors, this will reduce the tan safely & gently, while also healing your skin.

  • Brightens skin, reduces tan
  • Reduces dark spots, with regular service
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Adds a natural glow

  • The regime is designed by Ayurvedic Doctors, for maximum safety & effectiveness
  • All products used in this service are created by our in-house Ayurvedic Doctors
  • They are made FRESH for the services, without any chemicals or preservatives

Step 1

Patch test of all products

Step 2 (5 minutes)

Face cleansing & scrubbing with Zemé Zero-Chemical Face Cleanser, customized for your skin

Step 3 (10 minutes)

Face steaming (to open pores) and removing blackheads

Step 4 (15 minutes)

Face massage with freshly made face cream

Step 5 (10 minutes)

Back massage with oil

Step 6 (20 minutes)

Application of Zemé Zero-Chemical Face Pack, customized for dry skin

Step 7

Application of freshly made Zemé Moisturising Gel

Service available only for Women in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

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