Fresh Rajasthani Henna Application (includes products)

Rs. 1,199.00
Cover your greys naturally - without any chemicals! Includes our products (Fresh Rajasthani henna + Indigo for a darker shade) & application. Available only for Women, in Mumbai. Super Saver packages available - ask us for details.

One-of-a-kind service to help you take care of your hair coloring needs. 

We make fresh henna paste on order, and send our trained beauticians to apply it for you, at the convenience of your home.

Try this all-natural hair coloring for a safe & effective way to cover your greys or just get some natural highlights! :)

  • Rajasthani Henna (Mehandi)
  • Amla
  • Bhringraj
  • Trifala
  • Soaked Tea Leaves

These are cooked in an iron kadai & soaked overnight to deepen the color of the henna.

What color does it give on the hair?

Henna paste will give a deep red color. If you want a dark brown color, then you will need to apply Indigo after 24 hrs (We will give you Indigo powder to apply on your hair)

How long will the color stay?

The color lasts for 1-1.5 months, if you use Zemé Chemical-Free shampoo. Else, if you use any other shampoo, the color will go off in less than a month.

Can shampoo be used after this?

Yes, you can shampoo after 24hrs. If applying Indigo, then you need to wait for 24hrs after applying Indigo also.

Will the hair become dry after this?

For some people, there may be a little dryness. Don't worry, you can oil your hair after 24hrs to remove any dryness. There will be no permanent dryness after this service, unlike in chemical hair coloring.

Does it work on chemically-treated or colored hair?

Yes, but you will need to give it a few applications as natural color takes time to develop on treated hair. After 2-3 applications you will start seeing results.

How often can I take this service?

You can safely color your hair with our henna paste as frequently as you want. For coloring, once a month is good. For conditioning, you can even apply once every week.

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Service available only for Women in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane.

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