Soothing Aloe Vera Facial for Sensitive Skin - 60 minutes

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Have sensitive skin? Try this chemical-free Ayurvedic Facial, designed by our Ayurvedic Doctors. Nourish & hydrate your skin, with only pure, natural products which are safe for your skin. Available only for Women, in Mumbai
Chemical Free
Whole Fresh

If you are someone with Sensitive Skin, then go for this Facial. 

Designed by our in-house Ayurvedic doctors, this will clean & nourish sensitive skin, while being gentle with it.

  • Soothes Sensitive skin
  • Closes open pores, tightens skin
  • Moisturizes & softens skin
  • Brightens complexion

  • The regime is designed by Ayurvedic Doctors, for maximum safety & effectiveness
  • All products used in this service are created by our in-house Ayurvedic Doctors
  • They are made FRESH for the services, without any chemicals or preservatives


Step 1

Patch test of all products

Step 2 (5 minutes)

Face cleansing with Zemé Zero-Chemical Face Cleanser, customized for sensitive skin

Step 3 (10 minutes)

Face steaming (to open pores) and removing blackheads

Step 4 (10 minutes)

Face massage with freshly made face cream

Step 5 (10 minutes)

Back massage with oil

Step 6 (20 minutes)

Application of Zemé Zero-Chemical Face Pack, customized for sensitive skin

Step 7

Application of freshly made Zemé Moisturising Gel

Service available only for Women in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

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