Zemé Hair Growth Hack: 10 best fruits for healthy, lustrous hair

The age-old proverb – you are what you eat – is rooted in wisdom. Along with that is the belief that nature already offers everything your body will ever need. We come from nature and go right back to it.

Every Indian grandmother flocks to natural beauty secrets and professes her distaste for chemically manufactured beauty products. For example, the world is in awe of Malayali women and their beautiful, glowing skin. The secret to their success? Eating and applying large amounts of coconut oil.

Similarly, Indian women are considered by many to have the best hair in the world. We’re not saying it – the media is! Just this week, an Indian lady – Asha Rani – set an insane world record after pulling a 1,200 kilo bus with her hair. From Byrdie teaching others to use natural hair hacks by Indian women to Allure featuring Indian hair-oiling techniques, we can not deny that we are blessed with the genetics, natural resources and techniques to support healthy hair growth.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, many Indian women are struggling to maintain healthy hair. With rising levels of pollution, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and other factors, women are struggling to not only grow healthy, thick hair but also maintain hair volume.

Fortunately, age-old wisdom can help us fight back. As we mentioned earlier, nature offers everything we need to grow healthy, lustrous hair. To get you started, we thought it would be fun to bite into the sweetest gift nature has to offer – fruits.

Here is a list of the 10 best fruits for healthy hair growth that you must integrate into your diet and hair care routine today!

This golden fruit is rich in vitamins, especially potassium – a key ingredient in improving hair elasticity and treating hair breakage. Eating bananas helps facilitate strong hair growth and using banana hair masks help build strong, lustrous locks.

This superfruit is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E! Consuming Avocado is known to reduce hormonal imbalances and resulting hair loss. When applied topically, it works wonders as a natural conditioner!

Amla, also known as the Indian Gooseberry, is a wonder food on its own. Rich in Vitamin C, a miracle vitamin in the beauty space, Amla helps strengthen hair follicles which prevents premature hair fall. It also delays premature graying and increases the hair growth cycle. You can consume it raw, or have a small shot of amla in the morning.

For consistent results, you can also try using all natural topical solutions consisting of Amla such as this post-oiling hair cleanser.

With antifungal properties, Papaya is a wonderful fruit to treat and prevent dandruff. Mix Papaya with Aloe Vera and apply it on your scalp to soothe an itchy scalp!

Believe it or not, an apple is one of the best fruits for hair growth since it increases protein levels in your hair. The higher the protein, the denser the hair!

Strawberries are rich in Silica. Silica is a compound that facilitates hair growth and reduces hair loss. Swap your usual dessert for some strawberry and honey!

Eating 3-4 apricots a day can help prevent the onset of and – in some cases – even treat certain forms of alopecia due to the fruit being a rich source of linolenic acid.

Lemon is one of the best topical solutions for a multitude of hair problems. Using lemon in hair masks, oils, shampoos, etc is beneficial against dandruff, helps reduce oiliness, and adds shine to hair. This is why lemon is an integral part of our ingredient list for beautiful, lustrous hair.

India’s favourite summer fruit, the mango is a wonderful moisturizer. Add some slices into your salad, or add an egg yolk and 2 spoons of yogurt into a cup of mango pulp and create a hair mask that will only improve the natural shine of your hair!

Coconut is a fruit abundant in fat content. Rich in Lauric acid, it is a fruit that can really help with hair growth. It helps nourish, moisturize, condition and protect each strand. Grandma was right when she stocked up on all that coconut oil!

At the end of the day, one must remember that hormonal imbalances, premature ageing, and hair loss are much higher today than they were a few decades ago. Part of the reason is because we are living in dense, urban settings and are slowly losing touch with nature. To set back the clock, the best thing we can do to support strong, healthy hair growth is to consume and apply all-natural products and there’s no better place to start than by stocking up your fridge with the above 10 best fruits for hair growth!

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