9 Effects Of Sleeping With Wet Hair

We have all been there haven’t we? Washing hair late at night because you were too busy during the day. It happens to the best of us, although sleeping with wet hair into a habit can be quite detrimental to your health and hair. If you are thinking, is sleeping with wet hair effects that severe? Yes, it is. Believe me. It has damaging repercussions. 

What are the 9 side effects of sleeping with wet hair?

#1. Extreme hair fall: Wet hair is usually fragile as cuticles open up when they come in contact with water. When you are sleeping with wet hair you cause friction between it and the pillow as you constantly toss and turn in your sleep. This causes the fragile hair to break and leads to extreme hair loss.

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#2. Makes hair dull and frizzy: Sleeping with wet hair damages the scalp as the fabric of the pillow absorbs the moisture and oil along with water. This leads to dull lifeless hair. The friction between the dried hair and the pillow will additionally make your hair more frizzy, especially if you are sleeping with curly wet hair.

#3. Using more heat and products: As the hair is frizzy and dull it inevitably requires more heat and styling products to make them look presentable. Thus sleeping with wet hair effects also include overstyling of the hair and damaging it to a great degree.

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#4. Dandruff problem: The combination of wet damp hair and the warmth of your head will lead to formation of fungi and bacteria on your scalp and pillow. As mentioned before, sleeping with wet hair effects include dry scalp, depleted of natural oils and moisture as they are absorbed by the pillow fabric. This leads to the formation of dandruff in your hair.  

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#5. Bacterial Bases: Sleeping with wet hair leads to the formation of bacterial bases on your pillow. As we know, the combination of wet hair and warm temperature is dangerous. The damp pillow becomes a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

#6. Ringworm: One of the diseases caused by sleeping with wet hair is scalp ringworm which is a type of fungal infection. Wet hair is the perfect hoist for the fungi to multiply in. 

#7. Acne: The ‘sleeping with wet hair effects’ list includes skin acne. The pillow fabric is a breeding ground for various bacteria and fungus which usually causes an acne breakout. 

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#8. Causes cold: Temperature is usually low during the night and sleeping with wet hair under the air conditioner/ fan could lead to you catching the cold. Therefore avoid sleeping with wet hair as it increases your chances of getting the flu.

#9. Headaches: Does sleeping with wet hair give you a headache? Yes , it does give you a headache. Due to low temperatures during the night and water locked in the hair, we experience mild headaches when sleeping with wet hair. 

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So to answer the question, is it bad to sleep with wet hair? Yes it very much is a health hazard. Sleeping with wet hair leads to hair loss, hair breakage, skin problems, scalp infections etc. Therefore you should always dry your hair before going to bed. Healthy hair is happy hair.        

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