Benefits of Rose for the Hair

Rose petals are key to anyone’s beauty regime. Rose water has been used since centuries. Even in the current day and age, people from Jennifer Lopez to Anushka Sharma swear by rose water for their skin and hair needs. Roses have immense powers – ranging from hydrating and soothing capabilities to acting as natural antiseptics, anti-inflammatory devices and holding antibacterial powers. It is the highest beauty powerhouse which is why some of the world’s best brands, from high end luxury brands to retail commercial products use it as a primary base in their products. 

What is Rose? 

Originally a mysterious, captivating and beautiful flower from Iran, the rosa damascena, also known as the “dusk rose” was cultivated first in the 7th century AD. Since then, it has become famous world-over, especially for its essential oils. Rose water is a solution that is primarily created by combining rose essential oils mixed with water. It is said to have healing, and even medicinal properties. Given its pleasing scent and excellent antioxidant properties, rose water is now a staple beauty care product. Primarily used for skin, it is now becoming more common to use rose water for hair benefits, since roses offer anti-inflammatory benefits and most scalp problems are caused by inflammation.  

Benefits of Using Rose for Hair 

Spraying rose water externally has many benefits for the scalp and consequently, hair. Rose water acts as an astringent which in turn reduces surplus sebum production on the scalp. Everyone knows that hair health is dependent on scalp health, and unfortunately, an excessively oily scalp can create unbalanced scalp health, leading to dandruff, itchiness, hair loss and other hair problems.

Rose-derived products, especially rose water for hair benefits hair growth because it contains numerous vitamins including Vitamin A, B3, C and others which prevent inflammation. These anti-inflammatory benefits derived from using rose for hair also  helps out with scalp conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

Apart from that: 

  • Rose water acts like a mild astringent and constricts the scalp skin to reduce oil production. This further helps clarify and clean the scalp. 
  • When sebum(oil) production is reduced, the use of rose water on hair benefits us by preventing dandruff from forming on the scalp. The best way to prevent dandruff, according to experts, is to target the oiliness on one’s scalp since dandruff is a byproduct of the overproduction of oil. 
  • Rose water calms scalp irritation given it’s anti-inflammatory properties, helping those suffering with eczema or psoriasis
  • It is possible to use rose water for straightening because applying  rose water on hair acts as an anti- frizz moisturizer. This is perfect for those with dry or curly hair, looking for some extra shine, length and smoothening! 
  • One of the main benefits of using rose water for hair is that it prevents hair loss by promoting a healthy scalp environment which is vital to support hair growth and reduce hair loss problems. 
  • Rose water isn’t the only thing roses have to offer for your hair! Rose oil for hair is also a lovely addition to your beauty cabinet. You see, one of the major causes of hair loss is stress. Aromatherapy largely reduces stress and using rose hair oil eases nervousness, anxiety, tension and stress. It can also reduce allergies and alleviate headaches! A little rose hair oil scalp champi (massage) goes a long way … 

As you can see, rose for hair has numerous benefits! From rose water to oils to essences, there’s so much you can do with one simple, beautiful flower. Next up, we’ll be discussing how to use rose for hair growth. 

How to Use Rose for Hair Growth

Rose water and oil should be applied to the scalp as well as the hair to see maximum results. With a multitude of products out there, it is best to remember that the most benefits are derived from products that are as close to nature. To make sure of that, many prefer making their own rose derived essential products at home. You must be wondering how to use rose water for hair growth? Here are some ways to use rose petals for hair benefits: 

  • Make your own rose water: Use organic rose petals and steep them in boiled, distilled water. This will capture all the rose oil and essences, giving you the perfect blend of rose water! Next, you can: 
  • Use the homemade rose water as a post-shampoo/conditioner rinse. Don’t worry – since it’s an all – natural product, you do not have to rinse it out with water (or you can choose to after a couple of hours) 
  • Alternatively, you can add your home made rose water to your existing shampoos and conditioners for that extra dose of conditioning!
  • Store the rose water into a mist bottle and you can use it to give your curls an extra boost on the post-wash day to keep it frizz-free and smelling great. 
  • Take a cotton pad and dab rose water onto it. Part aside your hair and use it to gently massage onto your scalp. This will reduce dandruff and itching. 
  • Purchase rose oil for hair and apply to give scalp massages that reduce stress and improve circulation, leading to improved hair growth. 

Mandatory Precautions for Using Rose for Hair

Using rose water for hair benefits last only if you use it a maximum of two to three times per week. Any more usage than that can cause the PH balance of the scalp to become unhealthy and all benefits will be counterproductive. Apart from that, it is important to take hair types into consideration. For example, rose water benefits those with excessive oily scalps. At the same time, it is a great moisturizer for those with dry, curly hair since its astringent properties don’t make the hair extra dry. Last but not least, before using rose water or rose oil, one should make sure that they are not allergic to flowers or petals of any sort. A patch test is recommended. 

Products with Rose

While making rose water at home is not difficult, the issue is that most people unknowingly end up buying rose petals that are loaded with preservatives. It is extremely difficult to find organic, safe rose petals. Hence, it is sometimes best to buy hair care products with rose in it from all-natural brands that are certified safe and natural. Hence, we curated a list of products with rose in it that can greatly benefit your hair!

Zemé Leave-In Serum for Frizzy & Dry Hair

Made with Rose, Hibiscus, Rosemary & Methi – this is the perfect solution for your curly hair needs! 

Customized Zemé Conditioner

You can customize your own hair care routine with Zemé. Pick if your hair is oily, frizzy, rough, thick, or not sure! Do the same for your scalp. Let us know if you have straight hair or curls or waves. In fact, just fill out the little survey and we’ll make sure the right amount of rose drops end up in your conditioner! 

Zemé kit for dandruff 

The bane of our existence! Dandruff. This kit consists of essential ingredients like rose, amla, green tea, lemon, methi, neem and more to ensure that you’re dandruff free in no time!


Rose water is gentle for everyday use and can be used by all hair types! It is mild, beautifully scented, and has antiseptic and healing properties. Used since hundreds of years back, there must be an age-old secret to still maintain its respect as an ingredient amongst the world’s leading beauty influencers. Give it a try today! 

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