You ‘oat’ to give oats a chance!


We all know oats to be a popular breakfast option, but did you know that oats are also really good for your hair? 

You read that right!

The nutrients present in oats that make it such a healthy food option are also perfect for providing nutrition to your hair, providing it with a number of benefits such as encouraging hair growth, preventing split ends, and  moisturising dry hair.

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to take us at face value. Read on to find out why you ‘oat’ to give oats a try!

What are Oats?

Also called Avena Sativa, oats are a type of cereal grain usually grown for its seed, which is what we usually consume for breakfast. It was one of the earliest cereals to be cultivated by humankind, with origins in China as long ago as 7,000 B.C. 

Highly valued for their nutritional value, they are excellent sources of fibre, especially beta glucan, and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Oats therefore have many health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But this old-fashioned superfood also has numerous benefits for the hair! 

Benefits of Using Oats for Hair

From breakfast to haircare, oats can do it all!

Helps Hair Growth

The saponin, beta-glucan antioxidant and protein present in oats makes it very beneficial for hair growth. Saponin helps to cleanse the scalp, beta-glucan aids in moisture retention, and the amino protein enriches the hair and promotes growth. Its exfoliating properties also help stimulate hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth.

Reduces Dandruff

Oats help in regulating dandruff as the saponin in them naturally cleanse your scalp and remove flakes, dead skin, and dandruff and prevent it from coming back. It also acts as a physical barrier on the scalp to reduce TEWL (transepidermal water loss), protecting your hair and locking in moisture. 

Increases Thickness

The omega-6 fatty acids in oats help repair damage and split ends, enhance the elasticity of the strands, and make them less brittle, thereby strengthening the hair and increasing its thickness and volume.


The vitamin B in oats penetrates hair strands, enhancing moisture retention. What’s more, it also contains polysaccharides which make the hair soft, leaving them smooth and hydrated.

How to Use Oats for Hair Growth?

While eating oats has a lot of health benefits, applying it to your hair can also make your hair healthier from the inside out. Since oats are so easily available, it is very easy to make hair masks with oats at home. Combined with some other kitchen ingredients, you can make some wonderful hair masks at home.

Soak oats in water or milk overnight, and then apply it to your hair. You can also mix it with other natural ingredients such as honey and coconut oil for added benefits. Massage your hair and scalp for a few minutes after applying the mask, and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water. Wash your hair with a mild cleanser. 

With regular use, you will definitely notice a difference in your hair, and it will be longer and thicker than ever!

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Oats For Hair?

Oats contains just the right amount of fibre, zinc, iron, omega-6 fatty acids and fatty acids (PUFAs) that nourish the hair, while also helping the absorption of other essential nutrients such as amino acids, linoleic acid, avenanthramides, and polyunsaturated fats, all of which aid hair growth. 

Zinc helps to grow hair tissue and repair them, while also regulating the oil glands in the follicles. Copper helps maintain hair colour, and keeps the hair thick and strong, while omega fatty acids help regulate the oil production in the scalp.

Mandatory Precautions for Using Oats for Hair 

Some people might be allergic to oats, which is why it is essential to perform a spot test before applying it to the hair. 

In terms of consumption, oats contain gluten which makes it unsuitable for people who live a gluten-free lifestyle and suffer from celiac disease.

Hair Products with Oats

Zemé’s Hair Conditioner

Our hair conditioner contains oats, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Oats naturally moisturise your hair, soften hair strands, and repair hair damage, apple cider vinegar helps fight dandruff, balances scalp pH and adds shine, and coconut oil helps fight dryness, keeps hair strong. This conditioner does not leave any residue on the hair unlike synthetic products, and makes your hair healthier with every use. 

What’s more, each Zemé conditioner is specially created to suit the hair needs of every customer, and since there are no artificial ingredients added, it needs refrigeration, just like fresh food.

For best results, use it along with the Zemé Fresh Hair Cleanser and Zemé Fresh Hair Oil.


Now you know that there is much more to this humble grain than meets the eye!

From breakfast to hair masks, this multi-talented grain must be made a part of your daily life for good health and good hair. 

Natural ingredients in hair care have started seeing a renewed interest in today’s times. As we live in an increasingly artificial world, surrounded by chemicals and pollutants, nature seems to be the only true solution to our problems. At Zemé, we urge you to trust nature & see the magic happen. Let’s all take an ‘oat’ to take better care of our hair and bodies by using all natural products — we’re with you every step of the way!

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