Home Remedies for Coloured Hair – The Complete Guide

Everyone has thought about colouring their hair at least once in their lifetime. Colouring hair is fun, but people hesitate to proceed. The major reason why people hesitate to use hair colour is due to hair damage. Hair colours contain chemicals that are extremely harsh on the hair strands and scalp. To repair this damage, we look for commercial hair products marketed as hair colour friendly. 

While these products do an impressive job at maintaining the hair colour they lack at keeping the hair healthy. The hair strands become dull and dry. They are devoid of shine and moisture.To solve this problem, you should use hair products made from natural ingredients and herbs. You can also resort to using homemade remedies. We have mentioned a few remedies below that can help to regain your hair’s softness and shine. 

Sesame Oil

Oiling is crucial if you have coloured hair. You cannot afford to skip over this step. Hair colour causes the hair strands and scalp to dry. Massaging your hair with sesame oil helps to solve this problem. It traps the moisture in your hair scalp and strands. This keeps them hydrated and moisturised. While sesame oil is one of the best options for hair, you can also use Zemé Hair Oil made with natural ingredients to keep your hair healthy

Methi Hair Mask

Methi hair mask is made with three natural ingredients – Hibiscus, Methi & Amala. You have to soak methi and amla in water. Keep it overnight. Crush them along with hibiscus leaves until it turns into a paste. Now apply this paste to your scalp. Let it soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off later.

This hair mask conditions and strengthens your hair. Methi contains anti-inflammatory properties which stop scalp irritations. These are mainly caused by the chemicals in hair colour. The mask also prevents hair breakage. It is a common problem in colour damaged hair. Zemé Hair Mask also works wonders to improve the health of your hair. 

Avocado And Yogurt Hair Mask 

This mask works great for coloured hair. The chemical process of colouring dries up your hair and makes them frizzy. Yogurt works to hydrate the hair, avocado moisturises the hair and cuts down the frizz, while honey assists to lock the moisture in.

Steps to use Avacado and Yogurt Hair Mask: 

  • Take one avocado and blend it with yogurt. 
  • Add honey to it. 
  • Apply it to your hair and scalp. 
  • Let it dry. 
  • Once the yogurt dries entirely, rinse it off

And you are done with it. 

Aloe Vera Conditioner

Aloe Vera can be used as a conditioner for coloured hair. It has natural properties that work as a colour protectant. You can buy aloe vera extract from a store or get it directly from the plant. All you have to do is apply it to the scalp directly. Wait for 12-15 minutes and then rinse it off. Zemé’s Hair Conditioner made with natural ingredients such as oats, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil is another alternative for healthy hair conditioning. 

Hair Serum

You can moisturise and hydrate your hair all you want, but it would be meaningless if you won’t be able to retain it. This is where hair serums come into the picture. Homemade hair serums create a protective layer around the coloured hair. This makes the hair look glossy and healthy. You can make hair serum by mixing castor oil and coconut oil. Take 4 tablespoons of castor oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix them together. You can also use our Leave In Serum for long lasting results and absolutely no side effects. 


Undergoing a hair colour treatment is risky for your hair. It can lead to a lot of damage, but none of it is irreparable. You need to take good care of your hair by using natural shampoos/ cleansers and conditioners along with various home-based remedies. It can minimise the damage & reverse their effects. 

These extra hair care steps will make a huge difference. Replacing the chemical based products with natural hair care products for colored hair can be a great change for your hair. It keeps your hair healthy and strong. This is why choosing Zemé Fresh for your hair care will be your first step towards making your hair healthier. Check our product range that is entirely made with natural ingredients

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