How To Steam Your Hair To Promote Hair Growth?

Have you ever wondered why your grandma & other women her age have such lovely hair? Even at an age where maintaining hair seems difficult, they have luscious long locks. It is because they have been using an arsenal of home remedies and techniques. And one of those is hair steaming. It is the most natural way to nourish and stimulate hair growth.

Steaming has been part of various cultures around the globe. Its traces could be found in Native American, Greek, and Roman cultures. India wasn’t far behind when it came to steaming therapy known as Swedana. This traditional method of hair care is far more healthy and safe for hair growth than the commercially advertised products.

But a lot of people hesitate to steam their hair at home. Is hair steam good for my scalp? Do I need to buy a big hair-steaming machine? Can I do DIY-steaming? Does it even help in hair growth? Do not overwhelm yourself with such questions. We are here to help you! Let us start with the most simple question:

Does steaming promote hair growth?
Yes, it does promote hair growth. Steaming reduces breakage by strengthening the hair strands. It also enhances the blood circulation in the scalp. Steams uplift the hair cuticles allowing better flow of natural oils. These help in nourishing the scalp and hair strands from roots to ends. Hence steaming is often used in deep conditioning treatments.

Other benefits of steaming include increasing hair elasticity, repairing damaged hair, and clearing the scalp of product build up. Steam causes the cuticle – the outermost layer of the hair – to open up. As moisture and warmth swells up the cuticle, an opening is created. This small entrance causes oils to go deeper into the scalp, leading to benefits like softer, healthier and shinier hair.

How to steam hair at home?
Anyone can steam their hair at home and you wouldn’t need to buy a hair steamer for it. It is quite simple. Take a bowl of water and heat it. After it is adequately hot, soak a towel into it. Squeeze out the extra water from the towel. Now wrap it around your head. Cover it with a shower cap. Leave it for 25-30 minutes.

A pro tip to follow while you do hair steaming – Oil your hair before you steam. As we mentioned previously, steam causes the cuticles to open up, allowing the oil to seep deeper into the scalp & making them reap all its benefits.

How often should you do hair steaming?

Beware to not steam your scalp everytime you wash your hair. Over-steaming can have damaging effects. If you have extremely damaged hair you should steam it at least once in two weeks. Once they are healthy enough you can switch back to using hair steam once a month.

We seem to be ignoring our own home based hair care techniques in favour of clinical procedures and commercial products. Hair steaming at home is extremely easy to follow. There is a reason why many women vouch so deeply for it. So definitely give it a try!

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