A Fresh Perspective: Zemé Fresh Reimagined


Skincare today has evolved into a modern-day sensation. We're bombarded with beauty products, each one more tempting than the last. Yet, amidst this whirlwind of options and innovations, all we find is disappointment. It's enough to leave us yearning for the days when the remedy for our skin and hair concerns was just a few kitchen ingredients away. But let's be honest, in today's fast-paced world, whipping up face and hair masks in our kitchens isn't always practical. That’s where Zemé Fresh has been stepping in, since 2021, to rescue its beloved customers by delivering nature’s goodness at their doorstep. 


Zemé Fresh’s journey, an all natural skin and hair care brand, began in 2021, born out of  a personal journey, of a girl who, like countless others, was initially enticed by the allure of commercial hair products. However, as she grew older, the excessive use of these products began damaging her hair. Despite trying a plethora of expensive treatments and products, her salvation lay in something far simpler – the age-old herbal concoctions her mother had lovingly used on her hair when she was just a young girl.


This deeply personal experience became the driving force behind Zemé Fresh. It's a brand born out of the genuine belief in the "power of natural" ingredients, an experience that our founder herself had witnessed firsthand. The transformation that these natural concoctions brought to her hair was nothing short of a revelation, and she found herself determined to share this revelation with the world. Therefore, from day one, we at Zemé Fresh have been working relentlessly towards spreading nature’s magic all across the country.

Now, to further this mission of bringing nature’s power to the forefront, we are all set to refresh Zemé Fresh and double down on our efforts to put forth a better version of the carefully curated natural skin and hair care line up for all the nature lovers out there. This reboot is not just about a change in identity, but a deepened commitment to the "power of nature." It's a way of evolving and expanding our offerings, rooted in the unwavering belief that nature holds the key to long lasting beauty. 


Zemé, Now Zemé Fresh: Beauty Made Fresh

Zemé, the name we started off with, held profound significance for us, derived from the Czech word Země, it translates to Earth. It was a name chosen to reflect our commitment to harnessing the natural power of the Earth's elements and using the purest ingredients sourced directly from our planet.


For us, "Zemé" was a reminder of our core values – natural, authentic, and wholesome. It symbolised our dedication to providing all-natural, earth-inspired skincare and haircare solutions. However, as we move towards a new chapter, we have come to realise that our core promise is yet to be reflected in our name, the promise of freshness, which led to the journey of Zemé to Zemé Fresh. 

Why “Fresh?” Well, because "Fresh" signifies our commitment to purity, vitality, and a renewed approach to beauty and self-care. It's a promise that our products are as fresh as if you'd just plucked ingredients from the garden yourself.

Zemé Fresh Logo

Age Old Indian Beauty Regimen: Carrying Forward the Legacy

Deep-rooted in Indian culture is a tradition that spans generations—a profound belief in the efficacy of fresh, natural ingredients for beauty. Passed down through the ages, these age-old beauty rituals revolved around the use of fresh natural elements. After all, fresh ingredients offer vitality and a wealth of essential nutrients, antioxidants, and active compounds like nothing else right? 

However, in a world driven by convenience, finding beauty products that uphold these age-old practices can be a challenge. At Zemé Fresh, we are devoted to reviving and celebrating this age-old tradition. We believe that there's undeniable merit in using fresh, natural ingredients—an approach that nourishes, rejuvenates, and protects without compromise, honouring our roots and delivering the best to our customers.

Bringing Natural Beauty Services to Your Home

As advocates for all-natural beauty, we firmly believe that true understanding of a beauty ritual with pure, fresh, and natural ingredients can only be gained through firsthand experience. We aim to get every Indian to experience the magic of fresh, natural ingredients. We are proud to be pioneers in the industry, offering you home services with beauty products that are pure, fresh, and chemical-free. We believe that self-care should be accessible to everyone, and it should be done right. This is why we've meticulously crafted every aspect of our services, from the choice of ingredients to the curation of our products and beauty regimes, all under the expert guidance of our team of Ayurvedic doctors. When you choose Zemé Fresh, you're not just choosing a beauty service; you're choosing an experience that redefines convenience and prioritises the freshness and purity of your self-care routine.

Zemé Fresh At Home Services

Our Motto: It’s Either 100% Fresh or Nothing

At the heart of this reboot lies a steadfast dedication to using 100% fresh natural ingredients. After all, it’s either 100% fresh or nothing, right? Therefore, we make sure that every product is meticulously crafted using only the finest natural ingredients. These ingredients are carefully sourced, selected, and processed to ensure their potency and effectiveness. This commitment is more than just a claim; it's a promise that we plan to deliver with every package.

Revamped Customer Support: We are Always Here For You 

As part of our commitment to our valued customers, we've also made significant enhancements to our customer support. We understand that before engaging with a new brand like us in this space, you would have questions about your unique skincare and haircare requirements. Therefore, we've revamped our customer support team to ensure that your questions, concerns, and service booking inquiries are addressed promptly and effectively. You can reach us through our website, WhatsApp, Instagram or even a simple call. Our dedicated support team is always here to provide you with the assistance you deserve.

Our Essence Lives on As We Refresh Our Approach:

As we diligently strive to present a revitalised Zemé Fresh, we stand by our core principles more than ever. We realise that true freshness is the key to effective skin and hair care. Moreover, we firmly believe that the freshness of these ingredients in our products is what makes  our results exceptional. By harnessing the inherent vitality of nature's offerings, we ensure that every experience with Zemé Fresh is a pure, rejuvenating experience for your skin and hair. 

The Zemé Fresh team has always believed that our customers deserve the best, and our rebranding efforts are a testament to our commitment to providing you with the highest level of satisfaction and care. We aim to be your partner in your journey to natural, healthy, and radiant skin and hair. So, rest assured you can look forward to a seamless Zemé Fresh experience, from booking to delivery to results, we will make sure that you fall in love with it all. After all, your well-being is our success, and we're excited to continue this incredible journey with you. A whole new fresh world awaits you, visit us at zemefresh.com to refresh your skin and hair care!


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