Our Values At Zemé

We have been told by the world that our hair needs to tick certain boxes for it to be considered beautiful, that our natural hair isn’t desirable enough. The only type of hair that is deemed acceptable is the shiny straight hair. This bias is prevalent in the movies, music videos or television ads and every other media content we consume. This emphasis on how we should try to obtain frizz free, shiny straight hair rather than nourish our own natural hair is detrimental to our self image.

As a result, we end up spending a fortune on trying to make the hair look the way society deems it good. By buying expensive chemically infused hair products, coloring our hair, heat styling in salons or subjecting it to treatments to change its natural form. All this time relentlessly chasing an image of perfect hair. At Zemé, we have set out with a mission to prove that your natural hair can make you feel great. By treating it with the best that nature has to offer. Why go through damage to make the hair look a certain way when nature can do the same for you ?

At Zemé, we make fresh, natural hair products in our kitchen – with whole herbs, common ingredients and lots of love and care. Our aim is to make you fall in love with your natural hair and unleash its true potential. With our customized healthy hair care package, we aim to heal your natural hair and to make you cherish it. Just like we do.

Our Values:

Customer Need:
We customize our products according to the needs and requirements of our customers because we understand everyone’s hair needs are different.
All our products are tailored to suit your hair type, scalp and hair problems.

We take care of your hair the way nature intended it to – with herbs and whole ingredients found in nature. We do not use derivatives or extracts – because they are not the natural form of ingredients. We also don’t use any artificial preservatives, as a result our fresh products need to be stored in a refrigerator, just like fresh food.

Tradition & Modernity:
Our hair care products are made in a kitchen, not factories. The products are hand-made, using traditional Indian hair care recipes passed down over generations through moms & grandmoms. We create our products from these traditional recipes keeping your modern day hair needs in mind.

We believe in maintaining an open channel of communication with our customers. There is full transparency and honesty around the making of our products.

At Zemé we acknowledge our responsibility in making a greener earth. We use elements from nature, turn them into safe products which don’t contaminate the water table, produce organic recyclable waste & use environmentally conscious re-usable & re-cyclable packaging.

Zemé cares for hair just as much as you do. We know how helpless one feels on a bad hair day so we are here to make every day of your life a good hair day. At Zemé we do not believe in making products that are one time quick-fix solutions. We believe in healing your hair from within. We adore and love your natural hair and encourage you to do it too.

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Most haircare problems can be solved by following a haircare regime that is free from synthetic chemicals.