Helping Your Hair Transition To Its Natural Version

“It is often said, progress is impossible without change. And change is not easy, especially when we talk about shifting to natural products and giving up on synthetic ones!”

What does transitioning to natural products mean?

It means eliminating products with chemicals from your regimen — like synthetic shampoos, conditioners, hair relaxers etc. And using only 100% natural products every time.

What happens during hair transition?

If your hair is habituated to synthetic products, then it will go through transition once you switch to chemical-free products. The chemical-rich shampoos and conditioners which you have been using all these years strip your scalp and hair of its natural oils & sometimes also leave a residue on the hair, which makes the hair artificially feel smooth, while actually making the underlying hair brittle, dry and frizzy.

When you switch to natural hair products, the natural oils of your scalp are not stripped and there is no residue on the hair. With the shift, sometimes the scalp overproduces oil to regulate itself. So for some time, you may feel like your scalp & hair is still greasy after the wash. Or the hair may feel more rough & dry in the absence of any residue to make them feel soft artificially. You may even notice extra shedding for some time due to the roughness, but don’t worry, that hair is weak hair that would have fallen off anyway. All this is normal. And gets okay after the initial few washes.

This transition will test your patience at different levels. To get through this, all you need to do is to be consistent and committed. Everyone out there is looking for quick and immediate results (which chemical-based products provide), but remember if you want healthy hair, there can never be an instant fix. If you stick to a natural routine, you may not notice any change in your hair health immediately, but over time you’ll realize it was worth it.

Things to remember whilst undergoing the transition period:

  • Choose the correct haircare brand, one which uses completely natural ingredients. There are certain brands that claim to be natural but they do use a certain amount of chemicals. So be sure to check the ingredients before deciding on what product to use
  • When using natural hair washes, there will be no lather. This is because the chemicals used to create foam are absent in these herbal products
  • Be patient. Observe how your hair reacts to the move to natural products. Keep a track of how your scalp feels after each and every wash. It should get better with time. Analyze your hair before and after you switch the product and make a note of each and everything to make it easier for you to arrive at a conclusion about a particular product.
  • Don’t give up. For some people, the transition period lasts for a week, while for some even 2–3 months. If you don’t give up, your hair will start responding well sooner than later

In conclusion, hair transitioning is not an easy process to go through. It may seem scary and difficult at first, but once you start experiencing the benefits of natural products, you will wonder why you didn’t make the shift sooner!

So what are you waiting for, go get your hair some organic food it needs & see the magic happen!

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Most haircare problems can be solved by following a haircare regime that is free from synthetic chemicals.