Zemé: The Brand Philosophy

Zemé is a 100% natural haircare brand, reinventing the richness of Homemade Haircare remedies to fulfil your modern-day needs.

If you’re someone who has experienced Hairfall, Dandruff, Frizz, Dry Scalp or other Hair problems and are exhausted from trying countless hair products, chemical treatments and salons, only to experience disappointing results- you know it can be a struggle. And guess what? You’re not the only one. One can imagine how common hair problems must be for there to be coined a term: ‘Bad Hair Day’.

What is often overlooked is the root cause of these problems. Most hair products and treatments primarily contain chemicals. These products might create the illusion of immediate effect, but don’t contribute towards healthy hair in the long term. The solution to all these problems is actually much closer than you’d expect: going back to the natural, age-old Indian haircare recipes.

Who has the time? You might think.

And that is exactly why Zemé has brought the goodness of the natural ingredients to your doorstep- all packed in a bottle of goodness.

Zemé has been built after years of painstaking research. Each of the recipes has gone through multiple trials with successful results — reduced frizz, increased shine, lesser dandruff, more volume, lesser breakage are just a few of them. Our range of products consists of Cleansers, Conditioners, Leave-In Serums and Hair-Gels, all of which are:

  • Natural: All Zemé products are 100% natural- made of only herbs and plants- not even extracts. Zero artificial ingredients and Zero Preservatives means that products need to be refrigerated- just like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Custom-made: We realise that each person has different hair and scalp, so their haircare products should also be different. We capture the hair details of each of our customer to make products that are uniquely suited to their haircare needs.

At Zemé, we are all about helping you fall in love with your natural hair. Because we believe that Happy Hair = Happy You!

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Most haircare problems can be solved by following a haircare regime that is free from synthetic chemicals.